Welcome to the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks.


NACRC is a professional organization of elected and appointed county administrative officials, who communicate on a national level to share information and ideas. It's where large and small counties come together to be in the know and be known!

NACRC's mission is to provide professional training and leadership development, through educational programs, exploring technology innovations, monitoring legislation on national issues and promoting communication among members about issues that affect county recorders, election officials and clerks. All of these efforts are undertaken to better serve the public.

Whether you are a newly elected county official or a have a long career in county government, you will find tremendous resources with NACRC.

Founded in 1949, with members hailing from nearly every state of the union, NACRC has the history and breadth to help you solve the problems you confront in office. NACRC will keep you informed of proposed changes in legislation, hot button issues that directly impact your office, emerging trends, innovative ideas and cutting edge technology.


NACRC Objectives:


    • Provide members with continuing education programs including the Certified Public Official program.
    • Keep members fully informed of rapidly changing technologies.
    • Provide a stronger voice in Congress on federal legislation affecting county offices.
    • Be the source for county officials when they need answers by providing members the opportunity to exchange information on a national level concerning their respective offices.

Becoming IaoGO

NACRC’s relationship with the Election Center began in 2014 with an agreement to cross-promote each organization in the interest of providing election administrators with expanded resources, training and conferences in the same geographic location. The byproduct of our affiliation with the Election Center will be the continued advancement of the election industry and to carry on the strong collaboration among election officials.

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